Yano Anna: Notification of Indefinite Release Delay for nuts June Issue


Rough translation from Anna’s ameblo.

First of all, today there’s something I must report to everyone.

Today, the issue of nuts which was intended to go on sale 4/17 has been put on a release postponement of indefinite duration.
To everyone who always looks forward to it, I’m very sorry.

As it’s so sudden, I’m honestly shaken up, and it was a shock.

These last few days, I’ve cried a lot, and it’s as if I’m not myself.
Even though I know that it’s something that can’t be helped even if I cry, I have this feeling like a gaping hole has opened up.

nuts was a magazine that gave me hope!

It made me learn that if you don’t give up, your dreams will come true.

The way I approached my job also changed thanks to editor-in-chief Mori-san.

No matter how small the photo was, treasuring the click of the shutter, it became that I made serious effort.

I love nuts, and my job as a model!

Because it’s this kind of time, I can’t just be crying.
The thing that I should do right now is go on sending out smiles to everyone.
"This isn’t the time to cry."

In a day or two I’ll change my mood, so I’ll be the same cheerful me as always.

There are a still a lot of things I want to say, but I can’t convey them well…

Anyway, “it’s not over yet.”

Yano Anna won’t change! I’ll be fine!
I’m fine, so please relax!

Thank you, everyone.

Yano Anna

And finally, I’ll publish the message from our editor-in-chief.

[Notification of the Indeterminate Release Delay of nuts June Issue, Which Had Been Planned for 4/17]

To all our dear readers,

First, I apologize from my heart that I must make this report to you.

As has been announced in the news, our sales agency Inforest has ceased operations due to the debt it bears.

Because of this, we have become unable to release the June issue of nuts which was planned to go on sale 4/17.

All the photography has been completed, and all that is left is to go to print, so that we cannot publish is very regrettable, and we apologize very much to our readers who were looking forward to the publication.

We’ll do our best to deliver the next issue of nuts to all our readers as quickly as we can, but right now prospects for that do not look bright, and we don’t know if it’s possible or not.

Once more, I apologize that things turned out like this, and in approximately a month when we have a clearer answer about whether publication will continue or not, I will contact you again, so please understand that I cannot answer your questions privately.

nuts editorial department, editor in chief
Mori Shigeho

source: http://ameblo.jp/yanoanna/entry-11824595475.html

Thank you for your translations and the time you spent to translate both of these articles— Thank you!

Inforest, Publisher of Magazines Such as Koakuma Ageha, etc, Ceasing Operations


When I decided to attempt to translate this, I didn’t think about the part where I don’t actually understand how one discusses finance and economics in English at all, and my knowledge of it in Japanese is sketchy at best. Apologies for the clumsiness as I struggled with some grammar in the third paragraph. I also apologize for not translating the money properly but like hell am I dealing with that many zeroes. Please take this as a summary rather than a direct translation.

Inforest (Teikoku Databank Corporation Code 987215181; capital stock 35 million yen; Tokyo, Chiyoda, Kojimachi 3-5; president, Izumi Satoshi; 50 employees) is ceasing operations as of 4/15, and has entrusted the investigation of its credit debts to lawyer Satou Takashi (Tokyo, Chuo, Ginza 2-3-19, telephone 03-3564-6210).

This company was founded June 2002 by splitting off one magazine department of another publisher to form a different company. As well as operating a mail-order service for clothing, accessories, and miscellaneous goods, the publishing department puts out youth-focused fashion magazines such as “Koakuma Ageha,” “nuts,” “I Love Mama,” and “Joshi Camera” magazines, aimed at women, and “Samurai Magazine” and “SamuraiELO” for men; puzzle and computer magazines, books, and mooks. “Koakuma Ageha” was frequently picked up on television, with a circulation that reached 300,000 issues in 2008 March, with sales proceeds of approximately 59oku 4500man yen. Its mail-order business, introduced in March of 2009, had sales of approximately 74oku 9600man yen.

After that, “Koakuma Ageha” sales peaked and it was suggested that publication be discontinued in order to guarantee revenue. Due to the economic slump, advertising revenue also decreased. In March 2010, sales had fallen to 68oku 300man yen. Further, changes by the parent company such as changes of representatives and the sale of the main office’s real estate, layoffs and restructuring to reorganize and optimize the management of the country were carried out. However, even after that, sales continued to decrease, and in March 2012 were down to a yearly proceeds of 43oku 7900man yen, and as financing became increasingly difficult confidence (in the company) waned. Because finances reached their limit, the present situation has become such.

The debt is 30oku yen.

From now on, in conjunction with carrying out an investigation into the liability claims, (Inforest) is considering the sale of its publishing contents.

Source: http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20140416-00010000-teikokudb-ind


To the anon asking for Larme scans: I noticed that this girl -->coton-candy(.)blogspot(.)com occasionally posts some!

Thank you very much for this !



Sorry for this, but what's the best way to buy Larme? I have googled methods of buying Japanese magazines but I get drowned in results all saying I should order it from different places! What would you say is a good, cost effective option?

Idk, about cost effective, they’re all going to get costly when you factor in shipping, but ebay and amazon.co.jp are the easiest. 
CDjapan and Yesasia are also good places. Larme is not on jbox. You don’t need a SS to order from these places but I mean, one magazine to the US with unregistered SAL on CDjapan is  19-20 USDs. 4 x the original price >.> on Ebay, they’re usually 18…and Yesasia has it for 15~  D:



do you know where I can read/download Larme scans? I'm very interested in its makeup tutorials.

You’ll have to purchase it/order online ^^ There are no locations where you can read/download Larme scans . The magazine is fairly new as well, so this is probably for the best. >o<



Is it true that koakuma ageha went bankrupt and will discontinue their magazines?

Inforest , their publisher, went bankrupt/ceases operations, not koakuma ageha. Yes it’s true, amihamu as well as a number of other people have tweeted about the news. I don’t know if they will discontinue the magazine, if they find a new publisher, it’ll go on as normal, I believe. 


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